Warning: this post contains more photos of my face than you would ever want to see. I’m a little apprehensive about posting this, but please bear with me.

Last year I started my first ever photography portrait: one self-portrait every week, for 52 weeks.

This week was my very last photo! I’ve enjoyed this but don’t think I would do it again; I much prefer the prompted 365 I’m doing right now. Having photos only once a week made me feel like I needed to do something too big (and so I felt a lot of my photos were too unnatural and contrived), and I like having direction now.  Still, it’s nice to look back on; I can remember what was happening that week that prompted me to take the photo.

I’m glad I completed it. I felt like I hadn’t made much progress over the year, but looking through these photos I feel otherwise, so that’s good! One of the things that struck me most was seeing how much I’ve learned to use light, which is very important.

So, here are my favorite photos from the past 52 weeks. You can see the entire album here.

Week one with Leonardo


Click the link below to view the rest of the photos (which get progressively better, I think!)

I don’t like this photo but think it’s too important not to share. I snapped this quickly in our empty apartment in Italy just before handing over the keys. It breaks my heart to look at this!

But then we have this photo–Joseph and myself in our kitchen right after we closed. We were missing appliances and had to wait a few more days for our furniture to arrive, but we were okay with that.

The very last photo, taken today.

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  1. Anytime someone completes a project like this I’m completely impressed because I know what dedication went behind it. Congrats on finishing and it looks great. And one day you’ll look back on it and be really glad that you did it.

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