Photography is not something I consider myself exceptionally good at, but I do find myself growing all the time. I constantly look back at the photos I took a few months ago and think, “What? I thought that looked good? I would never let other people see such a photo now!” It’s a slow process for me, and I’m very rarely entirely pleased with a photo I take.

I finally committed to something to help me grow as a photographer: a prompted 365 project. I’ve wanted to do one of these for a while but didn’t have the self-discipline before.
For those who don’t know, 365 is a pretty huge goal: take one photo a day for 365 days. Many projects like this start on January 1, but they don’t have to be done this way. I decided to do a prompted one to give me a bit more direction and am very glad I chose this project! In just a month I’ve already been forced to take many photographs I never would have (I might even say I would not have taken any on these photos without the prompts), and I’m pushed in many ways.

I am participating in this group on Flickr. It’s not too late to pick up on the project! You can start at the Day 1 prompt (that the rest of us did on Jan 1) or pick up on the current date. I’d have to say the best part of the project is viewing all the different interpretations members of the group take. It also really illuminates all the different photographic styles (I feel like my style is on the poorer end, so the wonderful photographers participating provide a lot of inspiration). There’s a nice blend of experience and inexperience, so don’t be shy if you don’t own a DSLR, or if if you own one but don’t know how to use it yet.

365 projects seem to be a really wonderful way to learn and push yourself as a photographer. Hopefully by the end of the year we’ll be able to see a large leap in my work!

For now, I don’t want to post every photo, as some of them aren’t very good.  That’s what happens when you’re forced to tae a picture a day!  Maybe by the end of the year I”ll be able to make weekly posts showcasing every photo.

1 January: Light

7 January: Clear

12 January: Bow
Wednesdays are black and white, which is definitely a challenge! I feel like taking nice monochromes is much more difficult but am happy with the shot I ended up with.

13 January: Mug

14 January: Dining
Joseph and I couldn’t decide on our silverware, so we each have our own set! Mine is on the left, his on the right.

17 January: Oops

Cory made these lovely lines in our backyard. That one goes from the porch along our bedroom windows, and there’s also one shooting straight from the back fence to the porch. Thanks, dog!

18 January: Strong

21 January: Bridge

January: Half

This one has quite a story to it.

When Joseph and I started dating, back in the day when Myspace was still cool, I had a photo that was cropped in the middle of my face. That photo is the reason he clicked on my profile and messaged me.
After a year of talking online, Joseph went through a lot trying to talk me into dating him–I was resistant because he lived overseas. At one point, he cropped his face in half and inserted it into my original photo, just as pictured above. He had that photo put on bottles in a case of Jones Cream Soda he sent me. I still have all 12 bottles (at my parents’ house–I’ll take pictures next chance I get!). I decided it was time we redo that photo.

24 January: Royalty

25 January: Identity

I originally took this photo for “royalty”–my two favorite princes! But I then realized both works revolve heavily around forming and holding onto your identity. There’s no way for me to capture such a large word in one photo; all I can to is allude to something that could.

My father’s brohter, but no more like my father
Than I to Hercules.

26 January: Tradition

27 January: Smell

28 January: Funny
Leonardo and his purple cat nip mouse. He is in absolute heaven!

30 January: Reward
I’m not the only person who rewards themselves with treats, right?  It was homework day: “read a chapter, get a cookie”


  1. Alyssa! I would love to hear//read the story of how you & Joseph became husband & wife! You guys look so happy together & I hope someday my long-distance relationship ends up like yours! =]

    • Alyssa Reply

      I might make a large post about it eventually, but here’s a quick story:
      My family knew his family and I was friends with his sister when I was young (I think ages 11-14). However, I never met Joseph during that time. Later he saw me commenting on his sister’s Facebook and sent me a quick message. He was living in South Korea at the time, and we talked online for about a year. Prior to moving to Italy, he visited his family in Texas for a few weeks during the summer. We decided to go ahead and meet (after the cream soda bottles came), saw each other twice, and then started dating while he lived in Italy.
      After a few months I went to visit him over Christmas break and ended up staying there. We got married a year later–December 2007! :)

  2. I really like the story behind your Half photo! :) Also, I like your bridge interpretation!

    My life is so so pathetic, that I actually had a dream about girl scout cookies the other day – and seeing your box of them makes me even more intent on buying some!

  3. The Joseph/You photo is very sweet. I love the sentiments behind a lot of these photos.

  4. What a sweet story with the picture and the Jones Soda! Good luck on your 365 photos project!

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