I think I would like to start sharing more of my photos here. I don’t post enough food to be considered a “food blog” or enough crafts to be a “craft blog.” So this is just my personal blog.

Last weekend Joseph and I saw the wonderful Improvised Shakespeare Company. They were absolutely hilarious!  They really know their stuff, too.  There were subtle illusions to Shakespeare, and the speech was full of appropriate metaphors and puns–they’re not just shouting out “old-timey” words. These are some seriously talented (and funny) guys. I encourage you go to see them if they are in your area!
They put on an improvised play, using the title a member of the audience suggests. Our play was called Rick’s Family in Minnesota. It was a romance with political undertones and full of complicated plot devices you’ll see all over Shakespeare’s works. But sorry–everything is improvised, and they only do each show once, so you’ll have go to see a different one!

The group was at the beautiful recently-renovated Uptown Theater in Grand Prairie.

These two photos were taken after we got home:

I’m not sure why Leonardo still loves us!

I haven’t posted any photos of our decorated house yet, but here’s a preview! Part of the bookcase in our living room:


  1. I love the books bound like that! I wish we had more of those books, but we don’t. And we have fallen victim to the Kindle/Nook technology which kind of makes me miss actual books sometimes. You have quite a collection.

    • Alyssa Reply

      I have (part of) the Easton Press’ 100 Greatest Books Ever Written. They are beautiful, and I get one once a month! It will take eight years for the entire set, and it’s a lot of fun seeing the library slowly grow.
      I have a Nook too so rarely buy new books! Unless I find them at Half-Price Books and can’t resist :)

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