I want to send a big “Thank you!” to everyone for all the support over the last few days. I never expected my dad’s Oven Hot Dogs to be such a hit! It’s especially interesting to me to hear of other families who had similar meals growing up.

I have a few posts in a queue but know most of you are busy with the holidays. This is our first time being back in the US after celebrating our own Christmases in Italy, and I’m looking forward to seeing all our families.  I have a big stack of presents I’m eager to give away!

Yesterday I went to Petsmart and did something horrible…. I bought my poor animals holiday costumes. I know, I’m awful. Thankfully my pets don’t really mind such abuse.

Poor kitty! I don’t think cat hats are actually designed with cats in mind. It’s too heavy for him to lift his little head! So he’s been wearing it as an antler hoodie and occasional antler necklace.

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