Oven Hot Dogs

Maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but I love hot dogs. I mean, I really love hot dogs. I think that’s probably because of oven hot dogs.

oven hot dogs

I know, they sound crazy. And you have to eat them with a fork and knife.  But I promise oven hot dogs are absolutely delicious. My dad made these for us, and I think his mom started the trend when he was a kid. And they aren’t only delicious out of nostalgia–my husband loves them, and my brother told me his wife requests oven hot dogs every time they’re lost for what to eat.

Because this is a family recipe, I took step-by-step photos. Hopefully my dad will comment telling me what I did wrong because mine still never taste as good as his! It’s funny how that always happens, right?

oven hot dogs
Here’s what you need: hot dogs, hot dog buns, mayonnaise, mustard, sweet relish, chili, cheese, and diced onions.

oven hot dogs
Cover the inside of the buns with mayonnaise. Lots of mayonnaise!

oven hot dogs
Add the hot dogs and squish them together in a baking dish. Normally there would be one more, but, um… I ate it before it made it to the pan…
A 9×13″ pan is perfect for eight hot dogs! We like ‘em really packed in there.

oven hot dogs
Add a bit of mustard if that’s your thing.

oven hot dogs
Now add sweet relish! But I think I messed up–I think the sweet relish is better when put at the bottom of the bun with the mayonnaise.
Edit: My sister, who claims to have “perfected the OHDs,” says I didn’t use enough relish! And, actually, I didn’t–but that was all I had left in the jar.
Edit 2: A few comments have complained that the relish was overwhelming, so proceed with caution! I love sweet relish, but if you don’t you might want to use less or switch to dill.

oven hot dogs
Top with chili! Just cold chili straight from the can.
I really dislike beans and have tried chili without beans, but that just doesnt’ taste right for oven hot dogs.
Second edit: Victoria again said that I need more chili and need to be messier. The hot dogs should barely be able to handle all the stuff you put on top and should be falling apart when they come out of the oven! My perfectionist tendencies get in the way of that, so please get a bit crazier.

oven hot dogs
Top with grated cheddar.

oven hot dogs
Dice your onions. My dad always made a few without onions for kids, but when he finally convinced me to try them with onions I realized that’s the way to go.

oven hot dogs
Throw on the onions

oven hot dogs
Cover with aluminum foil and bake at 350F for 45 minutes.

oven hot dogs
And now you’re done! The top with be crispy, which is why you need a fork and knife. Delicious.

Oven Hot Dogs
8 hot dogs
8 hot dog buns
1 can of chili
1/2 an onion, diced
cheddar cheese
sweet relish

Line inside of hot dog buns with mayonnaise and sweet relish. Evenly add mustard. Fill with hot dogs and squish into a 13×9″ baking pan.

Top hot dogs with chili, cheese, and diced onion. Cover with aluminum foil and bake at 350F for 45 minutes.

Carefully remove from the pan with a spatula–I dropped one on the floor the other day :(


  • Victoria McCoy

    I’ve mastered the OHDs.
    You needed to add more relish and more chili. I know. It seems like too much. But you have to pretty much stuff the bun with everything you can. That’s what makes it messy and delicious.

    P.s. I can’t believe you told our family secret…

    December 17, 2010
    • Alyssa

      I haven’t had dad’s oven hot dogs in years! But now that you bring it up, mine definitely don’t seem messy enough.

      Do you put the relish in the bottom, with the mayonnaise? That’s what I usually do. And I typically add more but ran out :(

      I wasn’t going to, but I posted an oven hot dog photo somewhere else, and too many people asked for the recipe! ;)

      December 17, 2010
      • Victoria McCoy

        He didn’t teach me to put them in the bottom. Just a lot more..

        December 17, 2010
  • This must definitely be a Peet family thing because Grandma made those every time we took family trips to Double Lake. They would sit in the dash the whole way to the lake so they could stay warmed by the sun. And they are absolutely delicious.

    December 17, 2010
    • Faith

      Double Lake!! When I was a teen, Double Lake was a favorite camping place for my family. We always tried to get our same spot by the lake….such good memories!

      July 12, 2015
  • I have never heard of OHDs, but I think this is how I will make them from now on…the look delicious!

    December 18, 2010
  • You make hotdogs look good! ;) I had no idea a hotdog could look so appetizing. We will have to try this out!

    December 18, 2010
  • Ive never heard of something as amazing as these!!!! im going to have to try them!

    December 18, 2010
  • Holly

    OH. MY. YUMMYNESS. This looks delicious. I love this idea, thank you so much for sharing it =)

    December 19, 2010
  • akjenny

    I wish I’d seen this when the kids were still lil’ tykes. Now when I get caught making them I’ll have no excuse.

    December 19, 2010
  • I have a somewhat secret addiction to hot dogs too, though my addiction generally involves a stick and a campfire. I’m going to have to give these a try though.

    Is sweet relish different than plain ol’ relish?

    December 19, 2010
    • Alyssa

      I went camping a lot as a kid but can’t remember ever actually eating roasted hot dogs at the campfire! Marshmallows, though, were definitely there.

      Around here we also have dill relish, which isn’t sweet. I really never use dill relish unless a recipe calls for it specifically.

      December 19, 2010
  • Carla

    Oh wow, those are great looking hot dogs. I want a bite!

    December 19, 2010
  • When i was younger a friend of my parents would fix them for us. We called them Gale”s hot dogs. I still fix them today at least once or twice a month. Love them even now that i am 68. Thanks for shearring this with me, Charlie

    December 19, 2010
  • I will substitue these with vegetarian frankfurters and chili because these sounf great!

    December 19, 2010
  • something very simple, yet to die for!!! I love hot dogs with lotsa relish n onions

    December 21, 2010
  • It looks so delicious! Absolutely mouth-watering!

    December 21, 2010
  • Wow, I have never heard of baking hotdogs in the oven, but they look really good and next time I have some friends over, I think I’ll try it out! Thanks for sharing.

    P.S. Whenever I try to duplicate my moms recipes, they never come out the same, no matter how simple it is :)

    December 21, 2010
  • Out of all of the decadence on Foodgawker today, the one thing that caught my eye was your wonderful Oven Hot Dogs!! I love it. I’ve never made them this way. What a great idea.

    December 21, 2010
  • These look soooo good! I will definitely be trying. Thanks so much for sharing your family recipe!

    December 21, 2010
  • Ilaamia

    These look good !
    Can I use something different then Relish ? We dont have relish where I live.Can i just use pickle or something?

    December 21, 2010
    • Alyssa

      It all depends on the taste you prefer! Chopped pickle wouldn’t compare to sweet relish but would be similar to dill relish, which some people prefer on their hot dogs. You would be fine to omit it all together, though.

      December 21, 2010
      • Ilaamia

        Thanks for your answer!Is it possible to make homemade sweet relish ? Is there a recipe for ? I have never eaten it and never heard of it actually so I don’t know what’s in it.

        December 21, 2010
  • You just made my friggin’ day! Holiday stress, work stress, what to make for dinner stress- I saw this and said that’s it- I’m makin’ oven baked doggies tonight- my wife will think I’m nuts, but hey, I’m cooking-some homemade fries-and viola’ perfect dinner. THank you-thank you , thank you……..

    December 21, 2010
  • You know, now I will sit and eat 6 hotdogs and it’s all your fault. My kids will eat a few bites, and I can’t stand to throw out good food. I’ll be forced to finish them off. My husband will get one or two.
    Seriously, this looks incredibly good. I love Sonic’s chili cheese dogs with onions, and this looks waaaaay better.

    December 21, 2010
    • Alyssa

      I always get hot dogs at Sonic too! But these are way better :) I feel your problem–I usually eat two OHDs at once and then come back for another an hour or so later

      December 21, 2010
  • This is such a great idea, I can’t wait to try them!

    December 21, 2010
  • I have a complete hotdog addiction too but these look to be the best I’ve ever seen. If I wasn’t having a really fussy-eating friend around for dinner I would have these tonight. They’ll have to wait ’til tomorrow….BUT NO LATER!

    December 21, 2010
  • Chris Cody

    Sounds like the perfect food to serve at my Superbowl party! Thanks for sharing :)

    December 22, 2010
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    December 22, 2010
  • Oh my god, these look amazing, but this is coming from a hot dog connoisseur. This is the first meal I’m making after christmas. Except I might put a chicago style spin on it using dill relish and adding sport peppers to whats already there. Looks soo yummy.

    December 22, 2010
  • They look wonderful! Now you’ve got me craving these baked chili dogs!! :)

    December 22, 2010
  • Never heard of these, but will try them ASAP with Varsity chili!

    December 22, 2010
  • Brian

    Can’t wait to make this for my kids. What a great idea!

    December 22, 2010
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    December 23, 2010
  • Deborah

    I’d never heard of these before, but they looked delicious so we had to try them. My husband and kids loved them and I think they’ll be added as a repeating favorite! Thanks for sharing!

    December 23, 2010
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    December 28, 2010
  • Vicki

    My dad cooked hot dogs like this when we were kids. The only difference he wrapped each individually in foil. When I married and had two stepsons, I made them, wrapped them in foil and we tossed them on the fire while camping. I love how you’d done them here… I’m going to make them like this soon! Thank you for bring such good memories back.

    December 29, 2010
  • I made miniature versions of these without the chili and they were so good, I’m dying to make them again, only properly this time. I can’t even imagine them being better with chili. They were pretty darn amazing just on their own. Thanks for this recipe. I’d never heard of cooking hot dogs this way before and now I think this’ll be the only way I cook hot dogs ever again.

    December 29, 2010
  • This sounds amazing!

    January 5, 2011
  • And now I am sad because I too love hot dogs and all the stuff on there and they look like ridiculously messy, fantastic, comfort food, but I am too pregnant to eat these thanks to my buddies, heartburn and child kicking Mommy in the stomach… these are going on the things I haven’t been able to eat for a year list to be made upon arrival home from the hospital in a week.

    January 6, 2011
  • I want to try these so badly…but I wonder how it would come out in the toaster oven…I’m such a toaster oven cooker! But I don’t want to mess them up because they look SO delish!!

    January 11, 2011
    • Alyssa

      Go for it! I use my toaster oven as a “regular” oven all the time! My dad even made a pie in mine at Thanksgiving when the big oven was taken over by turkey.

      January 11, 2011
      • I ended up making them in the regular oven but they were a household hit!! They’ll probably get made in the toaster oven eventually! Still such a great recipe!

        January 19, 2011
      • Christina

        I assume these can be cooked in solar cooker – any suggestions?

        October 30, 2011
  • HungryAnon

    I just made these today. Though I put some garlic in my mayo and added a bit of garlic chili sauce. Hot as hell, but oh so good. I also made a slaw with it. It was a very good dinner. Thanks to you and your dad.

    January 11, 2011
    • Rita

      Thanks for mentioning Slaw! I am making these this week and that will be a perfect side.

      July 28, 2013
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    January 20, 2011
  • Terry

    Can’t wait to try these tonight! It’s a little early,7:45 AM, for hot dogs! 45 minutes at 350 sounds like a lot. Have you ever had them burn?

    January 25, 2011
    • Alyssa

      Nope they never burn! I think the aluminum foil helps with that. I’d say definitely don’t cook them for longer than 45 minutes, but it wouldn’t hurt too much to cut down the time to 35 minutes if you don’t want them so crispy.

      January 25, 2011
  • Ilaamia

    Can I use something else then 1 can of chili ???
    I don’t know if I can find it where I live.

    January 26, 2011
  • James Clarke

    Great way to prepare hot dogs in the winter time!

    January 30, 2011
  • Tamara

    Hi There! I never thought to bake a hot dog. I made these on this past Saturday. My niece LOVED them! They were really good and easy. Thanks for sharing!

    January 31, 2011
  • Lisa Freeman

    Alyssa. I am making the hot dogs tonight. Ken always remembered them this way. Showed Ken the pics. Thank you for showing this recipe.

    February 2, 2011
    • Alyssa

      I’m so glad! I didn’t realize the recipe extended so far among the family! I hope you like them too :)

      February 2, 2011
  • These are so easy to make and amazingly delicious. We used hoagie buns and sour cream instead of mayo because I didnt have everything, but I had high expectations and they still blew me away hahah. Thanks for sharing! Your descriptions were excellent.

    February 22, 2011
    • Alyssa

      Yay! I am so glad it was a hit for you! :)

      February 22, 2011
  • Absolutely delicious! This translated very well to a vegetarian recipe. : ) I don’t take gorgeous picture like you, but I did make a blog post about my vegetarian version of your oven hot dogs!


    : )

    February 24, 2011
  • Julia

    I love these!! I too am obsessed with hot dogs.. theres something about them that i just can seem to get enough of! I am making your recipe again tonight for dinner with friends for a second time because they all loved them so much the first time! thanks for enabling my love;)

    March 3, 2011
  • MichellNW

    I made them for the 2nd last night! They came out amazing!! The only thing that was different was the mustard I used. My sister loved them!!!

    March 3, 2011
  • We’re making your oven hotdogs tonight. I can’t wait!


    March 3, 2011
  • Ohhhh my my.These looks good.

    March 4, 2011
  • These are in the oven right now! I printed the recipe weeks ago and now we’re ready to try! My onions were gross, so I hope the dried onions rehydrate under the chili for me. Thanks for sharing!!

    March 8, 2011
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  • Just 32 minutes more to go! I cannot wait to devour these! Thanks for sharing your family secret :)

    April 19, 2011
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    May 29, 2011
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    June 15, 2011
  • My whole family is “chilli dog drunk” thanks to this recipe! So easy and SO good!!

    June 19, 2011
    • Alyssa

      That is so awesome! Thanks for letting me know :)

      June 19, 2011
  • Micki

    So I’m making these right now. and they look so awesome. I’ve had this page open for days just waiting to make them. I’m so excited!!! :)

    June 24, 2011
  • Cheryl

    These are delicious! They remind me of the “Coney Island Special” dish that is popular in the Detroit area (that is hotdog with chili, mustard and onions). It’s a great “away from the hometown” meal! My husband loves these and has been asking for them all week!

    August 2, 2011
  • Kathy

    Can’t wait to try these! I may substitute “Cincinnati/Skyline” chili for the regular chili and see how they turn out!

    August 10, 2011
  • Kimberly Anne

    Thank you for sharing this recipe! I made these last night and they were AWESOME! I am looking forward to making them over and over again! I didnt hae the dijon mustard but they were great without it :)

    August 11, 2011
  • Ria

    this looks incredible! i didn’t think my favorite food could be improved upon, but you and your dad have definitely proved me wrong.i have a stupid question though- should the hot dogs be boiled before they go into the oven? thanks!

    August 29, 2011
    • Alyssa

      No stupid questions! They don’t need to be boiled–they definitely have time enough to heat up in that 45 minutes in the oven :)

      August 29, 2011
  • I’m making these for dinner tonight!! Mmm!!
    And linking it up to my Tasty tuesday blog posts. It’ll be up this tuesday. Thanks for sharing :)

    September 3, 2011
  • ashley wise

    are the dogs cooked when you place them in the bun or do you put them on straight out of the fridge?

    September 28, 2011
    • Alyssa

      They go in straight from the fridge!

      September 28, 2011
  • Yum, they look so good and I can’t wait to make some tonight but first I have important questions! How do these hold up in the fridge? Are they still good microwaved the day after? Do you poke holes in them as you would microwaving them? Thanks for the great share.

    September 30, 2011
    • Alyssa

      They hold up surprisingly well in the fridge. I just cut them in half (so they will heat a bit better) and pop them in the microwave a few minutes. If you want, you can put them in the oven/toaster oven a while to get the crispy edges back, but I like ‘em kinda soggy the second day. We are not big on leftovers in this house, but oven hot dogs never stay in the fridge for more than a day! We’ll eat them for three meals in a row sometimes, haha

      I don’t poke holes in them! I’ve never heard of that.

      September 30, 2011
  • Never heard of it?! I don’t know why but I just assumed that everyone knew this , like people know the sun is bright. I was always taught that if you didn’t poke holes in them with a fork or knife the hot dogs would contort in weird shapes or explode! It’s been a while since I’ve tested this out though. Guess i’ll be cooking hotdogs and staring at the sun tomorrow.

    September 30, 2011
  • fdfdsfdsfdsfdsfds



    How are they not burnt to an absolute crisp.

    October 5, 2011
    • Alyssa

      They have never, ever come out burnt. They need all that time to get crispy.

      October 5, 2011
  • stacy

    Do you use regular mayo or miracle whip? Im a miracle whip fan myself dont like regular but my husband doesnt like miracle whip lol he likes regular im just wondering if they would be good with either of them!!!

    October 14, 2011
    • Alyssa

      I use regular mayonnaise, but I’m sure either would be fine!

      October 15, 2011
  • Cris

    These are great! I made them tonight for the 3rd time since finding the recipe. They come out perfect when covered with foil @ 45 mins. Thanks for the recipe!

    October 19, 2011
  • lance

    I noticed a couple other blogs took your recipe and copied it, almost to a T.

    October 27, 2011
    • Alyssa

      Thanks so much for letting me know!

      October 30, 2011
  • Kim

    These look amazing! I really want to try them, but I know that I’ll probably have to end up eating them all since my family doesn’t appreciate these foods! Any tips on reheating after the batch is baked?

    October 29, 2011
    • Alyssa

      They reheat pretty well, surprisingly. At least enough so that we eat the all the leftovers the next day! I just cut them in half and stick ‘em in the microwave for a couple minutes

      October 30, 2011
  • These look absolutely amazing! I will be trying it soon. I just have one question, do you cook the hot dogs first or no? I am a cooking noob jeje.

    October 30, 2011
    • Alyssa

      No need to do that! Hot dogs are pre-cooked, and the 45 minutes in the oven is more than enough time for them to heat up.

      October 31, 2011
  • Saw this on pinterest What brand of hotdogs do you usually use? There are so many brands and types I never know what to buy! This sounds so easy I am making this tonight before trick or treating. Do you think they could be assembed ahead and placed in the fridge for a few hours before baking or would this make everything soggy?

    October 31, 2011
    • Alyssa

      I am a lover if the fancy all-beef hot dogs, but fir these I like to stick with the cheap stuff! Usually Oscar Mayer-oven hot dogs need cheap everything, which is why I also use canned chili (this is the only time it appears in my house). :)

      I think they will be fine in the fridge for a while, but I would wait and put the chili on just before sticking them in the oven just to be safe.

      October 31, 2011
      • Thanks for responding! I didn’t end up making any of it ahead of time… the prep was so fast, even easier than a crockpot meal because you don’t have to remember to start it in the morning! They JUST went into the oven.

        October 31, 2011
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  • Laura

    Made these last week and they were FANTASTIC!!! Thanks so much!

    November 27, 2011
  • shelly

    These look sooo good. I saved them on my favorite bar and pinned them on pinterest. I went and got the stuff and figured I’d make them today at lunch because my sister and niece were suppose to be here. Thank god they canceled. I made them at dinner instead. I followed exactly. I love all the ingredients and ooey gooey comfort food. This was not for me at all! We threw more than half away and then I stole the hot dogs out of the buns and rinsed them and put them on a fresh bun for the kids… I’m glad it’s a family fave, but I don’t get what the deal is. Looked soooo much better than they tasted.

    November 28, 2011
    • Alyssa

      I’m very sorry it didn’t work out for you! I know how frustrating it is when an exciting recipe ends up disappointing. Because of that, I never share anything I don’t fully believe in. This is one of my favorite meals, but we all have different tastes.

      Again, I am sorry you did not like it! I’m glad you were able to reuse the hot dogs and didn’t have to throw it all out.

      December 2, 2011
      • shelly

        So last night when I was cooking dinner I realized that my oven knob was not turning right. Someone had put the temp knob on wrong and so it was not accurate. I have no idea how long it has been like this. I might maybe possibly try this again in a smaller batch and see what happens…

        December 2, 2011
        • Alyssa

          Oh no! That could really throw you off! I hope they turn out better if you try them again. Yours is the first negative comment I’ve received! Baking covered at 350 for 45 minutes is really imperative to the recipe, so the temperature being too low (which I assume yours was since being too hot with cause burning) might have been the reason you didn’t like them.

          December 2, 2011
  • Jessica Shaw

    Going to make em for supper tonight … They look really good !

    November 29, 2011
  • Addy

    I showed this recipe to a friend and they made it whilst we were visiting. It was ok but didn’t wow me. Was kinda soggy, bland, and the bun was kinda hard where it wasn’t soggy. I wasn’t sure why, it sounded so good D:

    That was months ago. The other night on a whim, me and the boyfriend decided to grab the few things we were missing for the recipe to try making it ourselves. WOW. What. A. Difference. I have NO idea what the friends did differently but sheesh. I THINK they didn’t cover it with foil when it cooked. Also, we used dill relish instead just because we prefer it.

    We now have the basic ingredients sitting around to make it again when we don’t know what else to do. Awesome recipe!

    December 1, 2011
    • Alyssa

      I’m so glad you gave it a second chance! The recipe instructions are very important. I think people read “covered for 45 minutes at 350″ and think it sounds ridiculous and don’t trust that will work out, but that’s the combo you need to make sure everything is melted and warm without being too soggy or crunchy.

      December 2, 2011
    • Your first time is how ours came out too. I had it covered in foil. Next time though I think I might wrap each one in foil individually. Also I will switch to the dill relish. We didn’t like the sweet relish at all… it was really all you could taste.

      I’m all for giving this another go though.

      December 10, 2011
  • Kelli

    Made a vegetarian version of these using Smart Dogs and Annie’s Vegetarian chili and it turned out fantastic. My husband, who is a meat eater and *real* hot dog lover loved them! I just passed this link on to my coworker who was wowed by just the mention of “baked hot dogs!” Thanks for posting this.

    December 5, 2011
    • Addy

      I found out the friends put the relish at the bottom of the bun, under the dog. We didn’t do that, so maybe that made them soggy?

      December 10, 2011
      • Addy

        So sorry, replied to wrong person! I meant to reply to Kari ^.^

        December 10, 2011
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  • Someone posted your recipe on Pinterest. I pinned it–to try later. Last night I had all the fixings and decided to give it a try. They are wonderful! The mayo (which sounds gross) does something extraordinary. I started out making them like individual hotdogs in a pan–trying to stuff each bun–at some point I started thinking of it as a casserole and just scattered the chopped onion and shredded cheese EVERYWHERE!! I was out of pickle relish so I subbed pickled banana peppers –it was still wonderful. This is our new way of making chili dogs from now on. Thanks so much for sharing!

    December 12, 2011
  • Bethany

    These are absolutely delicious!! And I will be forever grateful to you for posting these!!! My entire family loves hot dogs but you can only eat them so much in a month. Now that I have this recipe we can’t wait to eat hot dogs!!! These are so amazingly delicious. Thank you so much for sharing!

    December 21, 2011
  • Mine are in the oven now… They look sooo good!!! :D

    December 28, 2011
  • Wendy

    I grew up on these and still make them now. We called them Coney Islands! I dont add the pickle relish though but it does sound like a great addition. I will add that next time.

    December 28, 2011
  • These were SO good!! They are the perfect chili dog!! YUM. I was forced to do one thing different because I didn’t have mayo– I used mustard on the bun. It was like a wonderful chili dog with added zest from the relish and mustard! Can’t wait til I can make them again with all the right ingredients! Thanks for the Recipe!

    December 28, 2011
  • sandra

    thanks for sharing trying them tonight!

    January 3, 2012
  • Penny

    I am very excited to try these tonight. I do have a question though. I am only making 4 or 5. Do you think I should still cook them for 45 minutes? I found you on Pinterest. Thank you!

    January 3, 2012
    • Alyssa

      I would say definitely don’t cook them for less than 30, and remember to follow all other instructions–375 F and tight aluminum foil!

      January 6, 2012
  • Rebecca

    What if you don’t like mayo what would you suggest to use instead? I had a bad experience with mayo and my hubby hates it. I would love to try these. Sounds really good. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

    January 3, 2012
    • Alyssa

      My mom doesn’t like mayo, so my dad makes them without for her. I’ve never had them that way, but I’ve heard others say they’re still great!

      January 6, 2012
      • Rebecca

        thanks. Just didnt know if they would taste good without the mayo we have a gas stove/oven i hate it but we live in my hubby’s grandma’s house she is in the nursing home so we are living here and it has taken me forever to get used to it.What temperture/time would you suggest for a gas stove/oven?

        January 6, 2012
  • wow

    January 12, 2012
  • I made this recipe for my NFL Playoffs party this weekend, and loved it so much, I shared it on my blog (tiztheseason.wordpress.com). I will link it back to this page. Thanks! Monica@tiztheseason.wordpress.com.

    January 16, 2012
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    January 16, 2012
  • Jen

    These are unbelievably good! Making them for the second time this weekend. Can’t wait!

    January 18, 2012
  • I made these and wrote about them here. They were a huge hit. Thank you so much for posting the recipe!!!

    January 20, 2012
  • Shemia

    Making these for lunch today…we don’t really like mayo in our house though, is the mayo absolutely mandatory?

    January 22, 2012
    • Alyssa

      Absolutely! My mom doesn’t like mayo either, so hers have always been without. I know a lot of others have done the same. Hope you enjoy!

      January 22, 2012
  • Tracey Dawson

    These look great.will definitely fix these.Thank you for sharing your family secret and child hood memories.

    January 31, 2012
  • Renee Webber

    Do you really bake the buns w/ mayo for 45 min and then again once all the stuff is in them for 45 min?

    January 31, 2012
    • Alyssa

      No! You only bake them once–after all the toppings are put on. Line the tray with buns, add mayo and other ingredients, and bake for 45. Then they’re ready to eat!

      January 31, 2012
  • MizV

    Making these as I type!! Only 27 minutes to go! I am expecting to be blown away, especially because of all the positive feedback! I didn’t use the relish because I’m not a fan, and my chili, and mustard are different brands so I’m hoping they still taste as amazing as they look in your photos!

    January 31, 2012
  • Jessie

    I have all the ingredients. I will make them today for dinner. They look so delicious!!

    February 1, 2012
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    February 2, 2012
  • Carrie

    I’m making these tonight :) I did change a couple things with the recipe, like substituting butter for mayo and adding jalepenos. I hope they turn out well!

    February 3, 2012
  • Donna

    So do you bake the buns first by There self?

    February 10, 2012
    • Alyssa

      Nope! Bake it all together, one time.

      February 10, 2012
  • Made these tonight and they were a BIG HIT with the family! Thanks for the yummy recipe!

    February 16, 2012
  • We made these tonight and wrapped the dogs with soft cooked bacon before placing them in the buns. They were AMAZING!!! Back on my diet tomorrow! Thank you for sharing!

    February 21, 2012
  • Raine

    Just popped this in the oven, CANTW AIT TO EAT!!!!

    February 22, 2012
  • Deanna

    I am a hot dog lover myself…I love love love hot dogs! My family gets sick of them so when I ran across this recipe I was very very excited. Going out today to get the ingredients to try them tomorrow!!!!

    February 28, 2012
  • Do you cook the hot dogs before you bake them??

    March 1, 2012
    • Alyssa

      Noope–everything warms up together in the oven.

      March 1, 2012
  • This sounds like the perfect pot luck, actually, or work party bring-along. What is the “amazing thing” that happens with the mayo once it’s baked into the bun? I’m curious! I live alone so I can’t bake a tray of dogs until I have an event to cook for!

    March 2, 2012
    • Alyssa

      Hmm, I can’t really say. It’s just that the mayonnaise makes the bread very mushy, which contrasts really well to the crunchiness of the outside/tops of the buns.

      I would totally still make these alone for myself! haha. I usually eat two every time I make them, and then the leftovers are gone after another day.

      March 5, 2012
  • Made these tonight for supper yum yum thanks for posting!!!!

    March 5, 2012
  • Jamie

    Saw these on pinterest a while back; finally decided to try them tonight. DELICIOUS! My fiance told me to keep it on our list of recipes. :) I will be brave next time and add more mayo. Thanks so much for sharing!

    March 5, 2012
  • I made these last night, except I used dill relish & French’s classic yellow mustard. They were delicious! Definitely the way to eat a hot dog, for sure! My husband, our toddler son, and I all loved them. I will absolutely be making again. Thanks for the recipe! :)

    March 7, 2012
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    March 10, 2012
  • OMG! This was good! I made them tonight. And they were so awesome that men respected me and women wanted me!


    March 12, 2012
  • Jplohocky

    Thank you for sharing your family secret recipe! I made these for me and the beau last night, (first, he complained that I didn’t just slap them together and serve them within 10 min, but then…) he loved them and said they were the best chili-dogs he ever had! I had to agree, they were amazing! I omitted the sweet relish, we’re not big on it, but they still turned out tasty. He took the leftovers for lunch and they reheated well, too. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    March 20, 2012
  • […] Oven Hot Dogs We made these last week and I thought they were DELISH!! Messy and gooey but very tasty.  Hubs is not impressed with messy foods, so he could care less if they show up again.  But, I like my hot dogs and I liked these!!  Just make sure you follow her directions and don’t skimp on the mayo, mustard, the relish or the cheese. (Looking at this picture at 10:30 at night I am wanting one….) […]

    March 22, 2012
  • Lindsay

    Sounds yummy we are having these tonight!

    March 25, 2012
  • Norma

    Made them tonight! WOWZERS! they are wonderful :)

    April 1, 2012
  • We are going to have hot dogs for dinner tomorrow so I figured I would search pintrest for ideas. These sound and look amazing! It’s a go for tomorrow night!!

    April 2, 2012
  • Raquel

    These are DELISH but why did my buns get hard? I followed the recipe and cook time/oven temp correctly. The whole bun wasn’t hard, the bottoms and the ends on some were.

    April 5, 2012
  • […] Recipe from: InTheWabe […]

    April 15, 2012
  • Laura

    So do you really have to bake the buns with mayo for 45 mins first then bake another 45 mins with everything else on it? Seems like a lot

    April 21, 2012
    • Alyssa

      No, definitely don’t do that! You assemble the hot dogs totally and then bake once for 45 minutes.

      April 21, 2012
  • kristi

    These are in the oven right now! 34 mins to go! Good thing I read the comments after I threw them in because I completely forgot to cover it with foil…. Hahha I bolted to the kitchen and fixed that real quick :]

    April 23, 2012
  • Leah

    OMG!!!! Those look amazing…I will be trying these this week…Thanks :O)

    May 6, 2012
  • Olga

    I just made these for dinner, and they were awesome!! Thank you so much for this recipe.

    May 15, 2012
  • […] *Oven Hot Dogs (These are also DELISH!!  Messy, but so very awesome!!) […]

    May 17, 2012
  • jen

    I am excited to try these, I am not a big fan of hot dogs but these look amazing. My son loves chili hot dogs he has a soccer game tonight and you guessed it, this is what we are having for dinner. Thank you for the idea and recipe

    May 17, 2012
  • Theresa M

    Tried these a few weeks ago. The family is begging for them again this week! They are officially on the menu for tonight. GREAT go to when we need a quick meal. So delicious! They are the perfect balance of everything that makes a chili dog a chili dog! Thanks for a recipe that really delivers!

    May 19, 2012
    • Wendy

      These are great! We always called them Coney Islands when I was growing up. Never used relish, I’ll have to try that. Made them a little more gooey with extra chili and cheese. YUMMO!

      May 20, 2012
  • […] Tonight, I am making a  ridiculously unhealthy dinner that I CANNOT WAIT FOR! OVEN BAKED HOT DOGS found here: http://inthewabe.wordpress.com/2010/12/17/oven-hot-dogs/ […]

    May 23, 2012
  • Matthew

    When you bake the buns and mayo alone for 45 minutes….at what temp do you do that?????????

    May 28, 2012
    • Alyssa

      No, you don’t bake the buns and mayo alone! You bake everything at once at the very end for 45 minutes.

      May 28, 2012
  • Dean Briley

    I have been making Hot Dogs like this for years but I wrap each one in foil…some time I stick them wrapped in the crock pot…everyone who has tried them “LOVE THEM” some time even if they are not fond of hot dogs…

    June 25, 2012
    • Michele ºÜº

      I was wondering if the hot dogs are individually wrapped and cooked in the crockpot, if they turn out the same as all together in a pan or soggy.

      I made these the other night, in my gas oven, at 350º for 45 minutes covered in foil and they were difficult to get out of the pan, not very crispy anywhere. I had half of one left over and heated it in cast iron skillet, so it got a bit crispy and was very good!

      Then I read in one comment that they should be cooked at 375º for 45 minutes and wonder if that will give me the desired results.

      Thanks for a great recipe; I’ve never been much of a hot dog fan but am now. :) {Oh, I did omit the relish, as we don’t care for relish. Daughter liked it with mayo and she doesn’t like mayo.}

      August 9, 2013
  • Kim

    I’m making these right now for our 4th of July. I’m using turkey dogs and Hormel turkey chili. I didn’t have relish at home, so I sliced up some bread & butter pickles and put just a few on the bottom of the buns. I also added ketchup.

    July 4, 2012
  • Sarah

    I don’t eat chili dogs but thank you for this recipe. When my husband likes his food he closes his eyes and nods while eating it… he nodded all the way through two of these.

    July 26, 2012
  • Sol

    I made these a week or so ago and they are very yummy! Would have cut back on the relish and mustard a little, but she’s right when she says you have HAVE HAVE to put a good amount of mayo on it. I tried wrapping them separately and found two issues: They don’t quite get as crispy as I imagined and trying to get them all “loaded” without tipping over is a bit more difficult. Next time I will definitely try them unwrapped.

    July 29, 2012
  • Amanda

    I am pregnant and nothing has sounded good for almost 5 months. Except these!! We will be eating tonight, I am so grateful to you for getting me out of my food funk :)

    August 24, 2012
  • Ashlee

    I saw these the other day and they looked so YUMMY! I’m making 1 right now to see if I need to add more relish or mayo ( kinda like my trial run), and then Ill make the rest for dinner tonight! I can’t wait to try it! Thanks for this recipe!

    August 28, 2012
  • Lisa

    Thanks so much for this recipe! I’m making them for the second time in a week. My kids ages 13 to 7 loved them. Today I’m using Hot Jalapeno Chili at the kids request…guees we’ll see if they’re man enough for the heat!

    September 13, 2012
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    October 2, 2012
  • Renae

    We make something similar to this but with the dogs n cheese wrapped in tortillas with chili dog sauce above and below in the pan and then top with relish ketchup and mustard when served. My family loves it. I will definitely have to try yours and see how we like this one too. We need a little variety to our chili dogs. :-) We have chili dog pizza, chili dog casserole and now we will have baked hot dogs. YUMMM!!

    November 4, 2012
  • amanda

    Made these tonight! They were wonderful, thank you for posting!

    November 6, 2012
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    November 7, 2012
  • Karen

    Can you assemble these one day and bake another day? I like to cook and assemble on the weekends and then throw in the oven during the week.

    November 10, 2012
    • alyssabyoung

      I’ve never tried that, so I can’t say for sure. I would have some worries about the bread becoming soggy, but I think everything would work out well if you assemble it as you like but omit the chili. Then you can put the chili on right before they go into the oven!

      November 11, 2012
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    November 20, 2012
  • Shanna

    I’m making these tonight for my husband (who isn’t a fan of hotdogs) and my 7yr old son (who loves hotdogs). A friend made them after she saw your recipe and assured me they were amazing…. Can’t wait to hear what my boys think!

    January 10, 2013
  • Wendy

    I found you via Pinterest, and made these for our Friday night junk food dinner. These are ah-mazing! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful thing with the world.

    January 18, 2013
  • Annie in N.C.

    I like hot dogs , this will be fun to try. It’s to cold for grilling

    January 24, 2013
  • […] Today 04:29 PM Oven Hot Dogs @ In the Wabe Delicious! We don't add relish. "If you judge people, you have no time to love […]

    January 31, 2013
  • Anne in STL, MO

    Going to try tonight. Still not trusting all of that mayo. Thought I would try making the whole recipe, but vary ingredients to pick our favorite.

    February 1, 2013
  • Dida

    Are they soggy at all inside? I absolutely LOVE hot dogs…but I can’t do soggy!

    February 9, 2013
  • Can you taste the mayo? They look good even tho I am not wild about hot dogs.LOL

    February 15, 2013
  • Joey

    So glad you shared this recipe! I have been making these for a couple of years now and we can’t get enough! Every time we have a family get together, I’m asked to bring these! They are amazing! I usually use a turkey chili.

    March 17, 2013
  • Danielle

    Seriously Alyssa! These were awesome. I made them for my boys and husband and even I loved them! I did not have 45 min so I crisped the dogs in my pan and then followed the recipe with 15 min in the oven. Thank you for an awesome weeknight meal we all LOVED!

    March 19, 2013
    • Alyssa

      Thanks for your comment! I’m sure it will be really helpful for people who don’t have as much time! I’m glad they were a hit :)

      March 20, 2013
  • Joy

    These sound so good but we love sauerkraut, so you think we could use that….

    April 3, 2013
    • Alyssa

      Do it! I’d be really interested to hear how that turns out!

      April 4, 2013
  • Debra Basquez

    My mom used to make something similar when I was a kid in the 70’s. She would place a slice of bread on a baking sheet, slice a hot dog in half put chili over it and a piece of american cheese and bake until toasty and hot. I like your flavors better.

    April 16, 2013
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    May 21, 2013
  • Catherine

    I loved this recipe! I only cook for two, it’s just me and my boyfriend, so I used an 8×8 dish and cooked it for 30 minutes. I will definfitely be making this again.

    June 30, 2013
  • karen clift

    These look fabulous, cant wait to try them, I love hot dogs but this is over the top. Thanks for sharing the receipe.

    July 16, 2013
  • Our thoughts may possibly possess altered, even though not the reality that I’m suitable.

    July 23, 2013
  • Rita

    I am not really a chili dog kinda girl, but my husband will love me for this, and so will the 3 other guys living in our house. I have a feeling this will be sports in front of the t.v. food this winter.

    July 28, 2013
  • […] recipe adapted from Alyssa B. Young […]

    September 5, 2013
  • Ann

    I made these last night for neighbors after finding the recipe yesterday. It was a huge hit!

    September 9, 2013
  • Dionne Beil

    Just put on a pot of homemade chili. Making them for my for my grandchildren tonight. They look great.

    September 16, 2013
    • I came, I read this article, I coqruened.

      September 7, 2014
  • I will be making these for my family this week! I have not been able to stop thinking about them since I saw them on Pinterest . . . Thanks!

    October 2, 2013
  • Nancy Coppaway

    Started making oven hot dogs back in 1973 while in college. Have never tried using mayo. Will have to give it a go next time I fix them. Yours look absolutely delicious!

    October 4, 2013
  • Saw these hot dogs on buns in my ovens page. lord,they looked so good i had to try them. Made them tonight for dinner,,,WOW,,,they are so wonderful…Thank you….

    October 5, 2013
  • sandi

    I will have to try these.I cant tonight,because I ran out of heartburn meds,and I am definitely gonna have to have my meds for these

    October 8, 2013
  • brilliant idea fun for kids!!

    November 12, 2013
  • Ann O'Brien

    brilliant idea fun for kids!!

    November 12, 2013
  • Good idea, looks good too, but I will most likely boil my hot dogs first to get some of the saltiness out of it,

    November 24, 2013
  • Don Benedict

    You have to try this. It's great!

    December 2, 2013
  • Brandi

    Do you put the relish on the bottom of the bun with mayo? Or on top of the hotdog?

    December 8, 2013
  • Jodi Husted

    this looks good enough to eat but there's just me sooo I think I'll try a smaller pan and do two or three

    December 11, 2013
  • must try these….they sound so good

    December 11, 2013
  • Dawn Guzzo Brothers

    I have these in the oven right this minute! Can't wait to try em!!

    December 13, 2013
  • I'll send u all the hot dogs my old lady buys

    December 13, 2013
  • and the cold dogs too

    December 13, 2013
  • I grew up in a state where hot dogs were topped with chili and coleslaw as well as mustard, ketchup, etc. I think I will try these and add the coleslaw when they are served.

    December 13, 2013

    December 14, 2013
  • I made these for my kids, the oldest of which has a 23 yr old son. I mix one tablespoon of each of mustard, mayo, and both sweet and dill relish. It gives you 1/2 tablespoon per dog and just seems to go quicker. Proceed with the chili, cheese and onions. Delish! Enjoy!

    December 16, 2013
  • Sounds Yummy Yummy for Tummy

    December 16, 2013
  • Cindy S Tissue

    Ohhhh !!!!!!!!!!!! These Oven Hotdogs r soo good i will start making these more often OMG :-) :-) :-) :-)

    December 27, 2013
  • Amy DeRoss Russo

    SOOOO good! Thank you for sharing. Will definitely be making these on a regular basis.

    January 21, 2014
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    January 22, 2014
  • Gloria Tanner

    I just had to make these hotdogs, they are in the oven now and smelling delicious! The test will be when my husbands tries one, he is the taster in our family. I am also frying some potatoes to go along side of these, can't wait,shall let you know how it turns out!

    February 10, 2014
  • Of all the recipes I have printed off from gawker and made, this is the ONLY ONE I continue to make on a regular basis. Rarely do I ever make the same thing twice. It is my comfort food, the one food item I crave and go back to since I first started making them two plus years ago. Thank you!!

    February 12, 2014
  • Gloria Tanner

    Well, tried these hotdogs, I liked them but, of course,husband did not. He liked the way I usually prepared them, so it did not go over very well.

    February 16, 2014
  • Sounds good to me. :)

    February 16, 2014
  • will have to try these and make baked beans to go with sounds d

    February 17, 2014
  • how can I get this on my wall cindy?

    February 21, 2014
  • Suzan VanWilgen

    Are suppose to come out soggy and falling apart?

    February 23, 2014
  • Jenny Young

    This is the ONLY way I will eat hot dogs anymore!! I have made them three times so far since discovering the recipe a month ago :-). Last night I didn’t have any chili so I used leftover sloppy Joe meat from the night before, and added sauerkraut in the bottom, along with the sweet relish. Sooo yummy!!!

    March 6, 2014
  • Susan Wendland

    My family loved these! I also made some with cheese and sauerkraut and jack cheese and green chilis!! yummy

    March 13, 2014
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    April 28, 2014
  • Robin Travis

    Going to try this but will not use the wolf chili, have my homemade chili instead. Going to see how they turn out. May fix these later today…

    May 8, 2014
  • I'm gonna make these tomorrow… Can I add ketchup to it

    May 24, 2014
  • Annette Arocho

    Try them with Potato Hot dog buns they hold up better..

    May 24, 2014
  • Andrea Simas Alora

    Just had to put on here that we make these on a regular basis (in the oven as we speak). My husband CRAVES them like mad. It's not that much extra work and the reward is so much greater than regular chili dogs. They taste awesome the next day too (If there's leftovers, that is lol), I wrap them in foil and toss them in the oven until they're nice and hot again.

    June 28, 2014
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    July 28, 2014
  • My family loved these! I felt kind of blasphemous putting mayo on a hot dog, but all my boys loved it!

    August 8, 2014
  • Claudia

    We always use to have hot dogs with our chili. I’m talking a bowl of chili and a hot dog tho…this seems perfectly OK to me.

    August 23, 2014
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    August 25, 2014
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    September 1, 2014
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    January 6, 2015
  • […] Click here for the full recipe […]

    January 22, 2015
  • Linda

    I don’t like beans either! Why wouldn’t it taste good using chili without beans?

    March 2, 2015
  • I am really not into chili but I wonder how hot dog sauce would be. I make my own sauce.

    March 17, 2015
  • Dan Davis

    For you hot dog fanatics, we recently discovered hot dogs with cheese in them, which we like so much better than plain hot dogs. I bet this would be great with those. My mom used to fix tuna salad sandwiches in the oven using hamburger buns. Wrapped each sandwich in foil. Toasty on the outside. Boy were those good.

    March 28, 2015
  • do you cook the hot dogs first before you put them in the bun?

    April 3, 2015
  • White gold is widely chosen for wedding rings.

    April 9, 2015
  • Jackie Sarrasin Dubill Myth 7: Hot dogs are pre-cooked, so it's okay to eat them raw. Fact: Actually, it's important to always reheat hot dogs until they're steaming hot. Some ready-to-eat foods, such as hot dogs, can become contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes after they have been processed and packaged at the plant.

    April 14, 2015
  • Janet Amelia , no, you wouldn't want to eat them cold, but I would think that after baking for 45 minutes that would bring them to the "steaming hot" point, so they would be okay without being "precooked".

    April 20, 2015
  • Melissa

    any chance leftovers can be frozen and reheated?! It’s just me and the hubs…

    May 9, 2015
  • Olivia

    Will the buns get hard?

    May 11, 2015
  • why the mayo? could we use butter I'm not sure what the mayo is for my son wants to try this but he don't like mayo

    June 8, 2015
  • I did not use mayo and they were really good my son said I should have made more

    June 9, 2015
  • i have made these a coupe of times and now i can only eat my hot dogs with mayo they are the best hot dogs i have ever eaten

    July 12, 2015
  • I just made these and they turned out terrible! I followed the directions perfectly and the buns came out hard and the bottom soggy. Never making these ever again.

    July 18, 2015
  • I made these tonight and the whole family loved them. I've added this recipe to my "Tried, Tested, and Approved" and will make again.

    July 20, 2015
  • Mmmmm

    July 20, 2015
  • I am making these tonight because Ineed an easy meal, made them a few weeks ago and they were really good, I noticed someone saying theirs came out soggy,, that had to be dissappointing…possibly too much relish??? Mine were lightly toasted but no sog to them. They are not for eating without a fork though…fully loaded,,, nice break for a day I dont want to put much effort into cooking.

    July 30, 2015
  • Lisa

    i think my son will love these. Thanks for the receipe!

    This is cooked for 45 minutes, so I have no question that the hotdogs end up fully cooked. However, a few people have commented that hot dogs are safe to eat raw. They are not. They need to be fully cooked. I work for public health, and we dealt with an outbreak of food poisoning as a result of a family eating raw hot dogs. Be careful folks!

    August 3, 2015
  • I think you should try them one more time and not so much relish on them, which I think if you put to much on cause them to be soggy.

    August 22, 2015
  • Not the same and not has good have done it.

    August 22, 2015
  • Why not but I think the chili is much better.

    August 22, 2015
  • I made them last night, and they were awesome! I used Italian bread hot dog buns (a little stronger), so I was able to pick them up and eat them. I did skip the relish, so maybe that made them less soggy. Is it possible you forgot to cover them with foil? That would definitely cause hard tops. These were REALLY good. I think my husband is driving down to Virginia today to slap his mother, they were so good. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

    September 2, 2015
  • Super easy an SO good!! My family loved them! I'll definitely be making these again!

    September 18, 2015
  • I sliced the dogs open filled em with cheese then wrapped em with bacon!!!

    September 23, 2015
  • […] Someone posted your recipe on Pinterest.I pinned it–to try later.Last night I had all the fixings and decided to give it a try.They are wonderful!The mayo (which sounds gross) does something extraordinary. This image is meant to be a source of inspiration.No copyright infringement intended.I do not own images posted on this page. For more details please visit this link : alyssabyoung […]

    September 24, 2015
  • I am making these for the residents I care for for lunch. They look delicious and so easy to make. I will get back later with the results.

    October 31, 2015
  • I've made these about 17 times true to the recipe and also with different toppings, such a yum easy dinner! A little messy yes, never soggy though.

    November 4, 2015
  • Sounds good

    December 8, 2015
  • Make you sons with mayo and yours not, and to tell them apart stick a tooth pick in yours.

    December 12, 2015
  • Don't use cheap hot dogs and wouldn't have that problem. :)

    December 16, 2015
  • Suzan VanWilgen maybe she prefers low sodium food. Don't assume.

    December 17, 2015
  • They look great , were trying them tonight with my homade chili

    December 30, 2015
  • […] always loved barbequed hot dogs but I’ve never tried cooking them in the oven. These Oven Hot Dogs by Alyssa B. Young look so delicious! It looks like I may have a new favorite way of cooking hot […]

    January 24, 2016
  • Every now and then I have to just come back and say thanks since I like this reciepe so much!

    April 19, 2016
  • How did they like them?

    April 19, 2016
  • Baking these at the moment for like the 10th time in the past 4 or so years since I pinned it …

    June 14, 2016
  • Mam'selle Cam

    June 17, 2016
  • Maybe you are assuming. Ask yourself why you think Susan was assuming anything. Its people like you who cause problems in this world, by questioning everything people say.

    June 17, 2016
  • […] Monday – Oven baked chili dogs […]

    June 17, 2016
  • […] Years and years ago when I thought I knew what I was doing with a camera, I posted this recipe (I refuse to link to it because it is so bad).  The genius of it comes from Alyssa B Young’s recipe for Oven Hot Dogs. […]

    February 26, 2017

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