Okay, so this really isn’t really ice cream. It’s much easier to make, does not require an ice cream maker, and is undeniably healthy. And it definitely has the same effect as ice cream on a hot summer day.

Your one ingredient: bananas. When frozen, they’re creamy and smooth like you wouldn’t believe. No artificial sweeteners–bananas do it all! They taste absolutely delicious when frozen; I don’t eat bananas any other way!

Chop the bananas and place in freezer until solid–an hour or two.

Put in blender or food processor.

Blend! You might have to stir with a fork a bit to make sure everything is touched. It will look crumbly for a while but eventually becomes creamy.

That’s it! You can add something if you want (it definitely doesn’t need it!). I added a bit of Nutella to half the batch just to test it out.

After I made it with bananas, I threw in some strawberries. Yum!  This is so, so simple and so tasty!

Bananas and/or any other fruit
Optional: peanut butter, honey, chocolate spread

Cut fruit into small pieces and freeze for a few hours. Put pieces into a food processor or blender. Blend on high, occasionally stirring to make sure every piece is blended. Keep blending until smooth. Voila!

If desired, add extras like peanut butter or chocolate spread.

It may at first be smoother than you’d like, similar to frozen yogurt. If so, place in the freezer again until the desired consistency.

I can’t believe how long it took me to do this–I did it all the time as a kid! I had a kit (with a McDonald’s label on it, oddly enough) that made soft serve-style “ice cream” when you put the fruit in the top and turned a crank to blend it. I loved it with bags of mixed fruit. I saw this featured on The Kitchn and had major flashbacks.


  1. omg I made some of this a while back (just with plain bananas) after hearing about it on The Kitchn and it was just amazing. I actually get excited now when I see that my bananas are over-ripe, because I know that I’ll be getting a sweet treat from them!

  2. I absolutely love your blog – you really are inspiring because you capture moments beautifully. You have some great ideas too that I have written down to definitely try later – one ingredient ice cream, maps glued on old picture frames, rainbow muffins, crochet scarves, etc. The list goes on! Your family is beautiful and you seem very happy. Thank you for sharing your life with us and I reall wish you’d post everyday!



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