I embroidered these monograms for Joseph and myself a few weeks ago. I’m dreaming of setting them up in a round or oval frame but can’t find any at a reasonable price! If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. I’ve read some very technical terms describing why round frames are much more difficult to make than rectangular, but I still want some!

They are made of hundreds of french knots that look like tiny roses.

The three I’ve made so far–the “c” is for an art swap I’m doing with my friend Carly. Hers is mounted on a 5×7″ white canvas

And good news for you–I’m now selling these on Etsy! If you need a handmade (keep in mind these take anywhere from four to eight hours to make!) gift or something to spice up your beside table, these are a great option. They are available in any color and letter–the sky’s the limit, really!

I’m sorry, that was some really pathetic self-promotion. But I’m very excited as I only made my shop today! I can’t wait to get many more items listed :)


  1. Willow Wright Reply

    I’ve gotten black oval frames from Michaels in the past year. I used them for silhouettes.

    • Alyssa Reply

      I have found a lot of nice frames at Michael’s! At the time I wrote this post, however, I lived in Italy and couldn’t find any anywhere. Thank god for America! ;)

  2. What about an embroidery hoop? You could spray paint it any color, or even perhaps add some balsa wood or something pliable around the edges to make it thicker? I’m not super crafty so this could be a lame idea, but thought I’d throw it out there. I love these, by the way!!!!

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