One of my standard go-to outfits. I wear this all year round, sometime with stocking, sometimes without a cardigan, sometimes with t-strap summer shoes
cardigan: J. Crew
u-neck brown shirt: Old Navy
skirt: Target
boots: J. Crew

I don’t wear jeans much and also don’t wear this jacket much. The way that it’s cropped makes it kind of difficult to wear, but the day I wore this an Italian woman told me she liked my style!
blouse: J. Crew
jacket: Urban Outfitters
jeans: Gap
wedges: Steve Madden

This blouse has a beautiful ribbon on top. I wore it a different way in Egypt in February.

dress: American Eagle
cardigan: H&M
boots: J. Crew

Wrinkles (I had an eight-hour seminar that day) and green nails. I wore this dress a few weeks ago.

shirt: Forever 21
buttoned cardigan: Target
skirt: American Eagle
boots: J. Crew Are you tired of these yet? I got them a couple winters ago and am still absolutely in love!

This blouse is the only thing I own from Forever 21, but I don’t wear it much as it’s pretty ill-fitting. But I really like the pattern!


  1. I have that same dress from American Eagle and I really like it. I haven’t worn it yet though. I’d like to wear a cardigan or something over it, but with the bow being rather big in the back, I look like a hunch back because it creates a lump under the cardigan. Do you have this problem too?

    • Alyssa Reply

      Isn’t it cute? I’m excited to get to wear it without a cardigan once it’s warmer out! For now I just keep the bow in the back untied to keep from getting a lump. Once I tied it in a knot (just so the fit would be better) and then tucked the strings in–without a bit bow it doesn’t really get int he way!

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