With winter coming to a close I decided to put to use some of the thick Berroco Ultra Alpaca yarn I had sitting around. I tend to name my knit goods after characters/places in books I’m reading at the time, and this one made me think of Elinor Dashwood.

This pattern is really interesting in that you just slip one end through the cable at the other end to to keep it secured around your neck.

This Twisted Vine Neckwarmer pattern is a quick and easy knit with beautiful results. I’d love to make it again in a lighter color that will allow the pattern to really pop. I’m definitely keeping it in mind for gifts–I hope my family doesn’t get upset if they all receive one for Christmas next year!

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  1. Wow, gorgeous~ <3 I really need to expand my knitting skills… at the moment I can only knit basic scarves and anything else rectangular. I am always so impressed with your knitting creations, though<3

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