It’s been a busy couple months since I started sewing garments! Like I said in my previous post, I found garment sewing intimidating and scary, so I hope sharing my early projects may help other aspiring sewists figure out how to get started!

I’m continuing to steadily build my skills, being careful not to take on projects that are too ambitious. I’ve made so many things, and right now I’m overwhelmed with both fabric and ideas!

Some of my recent projects below. These are all suitable for beginners and advanced beginners.

My dad loves his ladies. He spends hours with them every day. He puts out a lawn chair and sits in the middle of their house, letting them jump all over him. They clamber to him for bread, their special treat. They’ve been taught to perform a trick for it -…

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After a rainy 24 hours in Geneva, Joseph and I set off on a 4-hour train ride to Milan. We’d been traveling for over a week – from Colorado to Iceland to London to Switzerland – and we were tired. We’re introverted homebodies, and being out and about in foreign…

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